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Top five ways to use promotional products as incentives

The Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) has published their most recent study analyzing channel belief versus customer needs. In a world of massive changes in communications technology and how brands go to market, the promotional product is still an effective way to motivate and influence behavior in end-users.

In a previous post (about a year ago), I centered on the number of products and how long people hold on to thier advertising specialties. I challenged you to look in your purse, desk, closets to underscore the point. Today, I am happy to report that promotional products are alive and doing well in the marketplace. People will take action to acquire them. People covet them. People steal them (yep, that data is included in the study too!) End-users still love them.

The following is a list of the top five ways promotional products can, and do, influence the way end-users behave:

1. 82% will take a survey to gain a promotional product.

2. 70.6% of end-users will go to a booth at a tradeshow

3. 41.8% will “LIKE” a company on Facebook or post a Tweet on Twitter

4. 33.2% will buy the “gift” with purchase

5. 27.7% will make a positive post about the company on a social networking site

As a marketer in a sea of new technologies for engagement, it is comforting to know that some things never change.

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  1. Business Pens
    Business Pens says:

    Adopting latest and innovative techniques of promotion is essential to get quick responses from business and the crowd. Use of Eco-friendly products is better ideas to use safe way of promotion.

  2. Russell Dower
    Russell Dower says:

    We all love a freebie & promotional products have been handed out for years. A client recently was handing out printed pens at his tradeshow booth – but there was a catch, simply scan this QR code with your smartphone & like my Facebook page – the free pen is all yours. Feedback was that this angle WORKED A TREAT. Just have to work out alternatives for those that don’t have smartphones or facebook . but well worth the effort. Depending on your demographic – you may want to offer a product of a higher perceived value ie: a $2 metal pen rather than a 50c plastic pen

  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    I agree. Choosing the right promotional product is key. What impression do you want to leave behind? Statistically, advertising specialties are kept well beyond the promotion or event. Choosing quality over quantity might better position you or the brand you represent in the mind of the recipient.


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