Choosing the perfect promotional product: Who is the recipient?

Knowing your audience and what makes them tick is central to choosing a successful promotional solution. Demographics and psycho-graphics are key to choosing a promotional product that will resonate with your target market.

Creating a persona that describes the individual or group you are trying to reach is a great way of tapping into what kind of advertising specialty product will be memorable. Asking yourself a few simple questions can make the difference between a “thanks but its heading to the junk drawer” and a promotional solution that the recipient uses on a regular basis. Some things to consider when choosing a promotional product:

  • Male, female, or unisex? This might seem simple, but if you choose a promotional product like a tee shirt, you might want to consider what size and cut will work best.
  • Age will give you insight on what popular trends or pop culture references your audience will recognize. The coolest promotional product on earth makes no difference if the recipient doesn’t see its relevance. Speak to them in a language they will understand.
  • What do they do? What are their habits, hobbies, and preferences? Knowing what your target market likes to do can point you in a direction you might not have considered before.

Developing personas is a great way of bringing creativity into your promotional product decision making process.



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  1. Russell Dower MELBOURNE
    Russell Dower MELBOURNE says:

    While distributing your carefully chosen promotional merchandise, perhaps you could encourage further engagement, by asking for feedback on a selection of different promotional products that you are considering for your next promotion/tradeshow. This could be done by way of an e-marketing survey, a facebook poll (or both), but eitherway, you will get them onto your mailing list, with a feeling of engagement and an interest to see the outcome of their input.

  2. Linda
    Linda says:

    Very true. Cross channel marketing is really important. Promotional products are great tactical levers. Advertising specialties are a great way of encouraging social engagement and getting a conversation started.


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