Vector vs Raster Art

It’s a problem that has plagued the marketing and promotional industry for ages. Choosing the right art type between vector and raster can be critical to the quality of your end result. We have produced this handy infographic to help demonstrate the differences between them. Raster Art is composed using pixels. When a pixilated image is […]


Choosing the perfect promotional product: Perception is everything!

Low cost might be attractive but it has its drawbacks. Poor quality items might meet your budgetary goals but fall far short in the promotion of your brand or company. With a rate of 87% recall, a cheap or poorly constructed item can have a negative impact that perpetuates itself forward.


Choosing the perfect promotional product: Make it useful!

According to recent studies, 87% of recipients can recall the advertiser they received a promotional product from. That is up 4% from a previous promotional products study conducted in 2010 that I blogged about last year. The same study reported that the average amount of time a promotional item is kept is around 5.4 months and is used a little over 18 times a month. So much for the “trinkets and trash” moniker that has plagued advertising specialties for years.