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Introducing Mead- One of the Fastest Growing Beverage Segments for 2014!

Mead may sound new to your ears. However, it is undeniably one of the longest known fermented drinks throughout history stemming from Europe, Asia, and Africa. In fact, it’s the ancestor of all fermented drinks. What is Mead? Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is fermented from honey with water, and frequent fruits, spices, and […]

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Product Safety and Compliance

Like it or not, manufacturing is undergoing a significant shift. Heightened awareness of product safety and compliance legislation is having a huge impact on the promotional products industry.   The buzzword is compliance. Not only is product safety necessary, but it requires knowledge of the intricacies of the laws surrounding compliance. Are your manufacturing partners […]

Vector vs Raster Art

It’s a problem that has plagued the marketing and promotional industry for ages. Choosing the right art type between vector and raster can be critical to the quality of your end result. We have produced this handy infographic to help demonstrate the differences between them. Raster Art is composed using pixels. When a pixilated image is […]