Top 10 Real World Uses for Promotional Beads

Once, beads were only the province of Mardi Gras and the parade circut. Not anymore! Beads have become an inexpensive promotional solution with a wide variey of applications. Check out the wide variety of promotional applications promotional beads are now used for:

  1. Branded blinking pint glass on strand promoting a specific St. Patrick’s day beverage
  2. Bead strand with FDA approved branded shot glass stimulating on-premise trial
  3. Bead strand with non-removable inline medallion advertising call sign for radio station – implemented like a bumper sticker “sighting” program
  4. Custom bead strand tradeshow give-away for event attendees – creating roving billboards, word-of-mouth activitiy, and increased impression rate
  5. Used in conjuction with Peel & Win decals as a contest “winning number” delivery method – keeps customers on-premise longer.
  6. Used in conjunction with Peel & Win decals to create a medallion with a hidden “fortune” or message – branding with a sense of fun.
  7. Used in conjuction with Peel & Win decals to play a social “matching” contest at an event
  8. Festive beads for company event promoting new products, safety issues or mission awareness
  9. Dual usage – stadium beads promote team spirit and deliver contact information for interactive mobile platforms
  10. Branded beads for a messaging tool used to drive traffic to online promotional efforts

Do you have any innovative ways that you have used beads over the past year? Let us know!