Gold Ribbons

We are all aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that your support is signified by wearing a pink ribbon. We are especially aware of this in the promotional products industry.

What I was unaware of (until just recently) was that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and September 13 was the nation’s first Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.

The gold ribbon is the official ribbon of children with cancer worldwide, supported, recognized and promoted by hundreds of organizations and treatment centers, families, friends, and caregivers.

If you want to know more about gold ribbons and the organizations connected to this campaign, you can find them at Gold Ribbons for Childhood Cancer Awareness on the web.

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State of Innovation

creativityIn these days of turmoil and uncertainty it seems more vital than ever that we become more in touch with the creative process. Marketers are often challenged with coming up with “innovative” solutions. But what is innovation and how is it defined?

 “Innovation is all about staying relevant. That’s all it is.“
Stephen Berkov, Audi

“When you live in times of rapid change, growth is going to come from innovation because growth is all about fashion.”
Seth Godin, Squidoo

For me (ad hoc industry guru) innovation is the ability to drive connections that change perception and alter behavior. If we take this to be true, the promotional products industry is incredibly innovative. Take into consideration the sheer volume of new products introduced. We make connections and alter behavior daily. The enormity of the effect is staggering. We operate from within an industry that generates around 18 billion dollars a year. Statistical data gathered from a study conducted by Wayne State University supports the conclusion that our products and services are powerful influencers of behavior.

76% of people in a Dallas Fort Worth airport study were able to recall the name of an advertiser who gave them a promotional product.

73% of those who used the promotional product used it at least once a week.

55% kept their promotional products for more than a year.

Messaging attached to and item of value certainly is relevant, fashionable and changes behavior by the simple fact that the recipient chooses to use it. The change in perception lies within the connection to purchasing behavior – demonstrated in this 2004 study by L.J Market Research.

52% reported having a more favorable impression of the advertiser since receiving the item.

52% did business with the advertiser after receiving the product.

 We live and work in a veritable petri dish of innovation – a public pool in which all of us can swim. The Hub article asks a roundtable of experts the following questions:

  • How do you encourage people to be innovative?
  • What are some of the greatest barriers to innovation?
  • Is innovation always critical to brand success?
  • What is the best way to get at consumer insights?
  • Where do you see the greatest opportunities for innovation today?

The gurus also take a good poke at the institutionalized structure of work environment and its effect on creative thinking. They give great insight on how to encourage global participation in an organization.

For the full article click on this link
Where’s the Big Idea?
The Hub January/February 2007
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